Small Plates Menu


2oz - $6 each



Nueske's Smoked Duck

Olympia Provisions Prosciutto

Olympia Provisions Salami

Olympia Provisions Saucisson Sec


3oz- $6 each

Farmerette Mozzarella Ball

Redhead Creamery Little Lucy Brie

Carr Valley Creama Kasa

Roelli Red Rock Cheddar

LaClare Farms Goat Cheddar

Cheese and Meat Slates

The South African** - $17

Traditional biltong and droëwors served with cheese, South African-style chutney, green apple, walnuts and fresh bread.


The Italian - $17

Italian-style cured meat and cheese served with fresh fruit, nuts and fresh bread.

The French- $17

Smoked duck  breast, saucisson sec, French-style cheese, fresh fruit, nuts and fresh bread.


Seulement Fromage - $17

Four different cheeses served with fresh fruit, nuts and fresh bread.


Tomato & Basil - $8

Chopped tomato, basil, capers and garlic, drizzled with balsamic glaze.

    Add mozzarella- $3


Salmon, Sour Cream & Chives** - $10

Sour cream, chives and lemon mixed, topped with smoked salmon.


Pear, Brie & Honey - $10

Sliced pear, melted Brie cheese and shaved almonds, drizzled with honey.


Artichoke & Truffle

Butter - $10

Artichoke hearts, mascarpone cheese and truffle butter (made in house), topped with pecorino cheese.

Small Bites – Sweet/Salty

Gourmet Olives - $5

Marcona Almonds - $5

Fresh Bread basket - $3

    Add Balsamic Glaze and Olive Oil -$2 


Aardvark Chocolate Truffles - $10

4 in house made chocolate truffles made from our own recipe using the finest Belgian chocolate.


Mini chocolate fondue - $12

Liquid chocolate served with toasted marshmallows, fresh strawberries and shortbread cookies.


Other Beverages                                                  

Beer - Badger State $5 OR Coors Light  $3.50 Port-style wine by the glass - $7

Limited Availability Port- $10                        

Coffee/Tea - $3

Espresso with biscotti- $4

Flavored Soda - $3

Sparkling Water - $3 1L                                                                                              

Have a favorite wine? Order a bottle for the table or to take home!

**Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.