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About Us

Aardvark is a fantastic space in the heart of downtown Green Bay to explore unique wines from boutique wineries around the world! Featuring wine machines inspired by one of Bradley's favorite wine bars in Tel Aviv and an atmosphere reflecting Jillian's whimsical, dancer sensibility (She's a former competitive ballroom dancer!), they share their passion for great wine, simple flavorful food and travel. In fact, their travels are what inspire them most and you can see that everywhere you look. Jillian's passion for the Old World rooted in her travels in France and Bradley's love of the New World rooted in his time in South Africa come together to create a truly unique experience! 

A few words from the owners...

Jillian: Sharing my passion for wine, entertaining and travel is such a joy! I love wines from everywhere. But French wine definitely holds a special place in my heart. Visiting the small, humble wineries in the French countryside, getting to know the warm, kind winemakers, their families and even their dogs, their passion for the art of winemaking passed down through generations... it's a magical experience! And they create some unbelievable wine! Covid has temporarily halted our travels, but Bradley and I can't wait to continue exploring the world and bringing pieces of it back to our beloved little city of Green Bay!

Bradley: After I finish at my day job I enjoy a calm place to have a glass of wine and a nice discussion. Working with Jillian to finally cultivate that type of escape for Green Bay has been a dream come true. As a diplomat for the US foreign service, my job took me all over the world. I spent 5 years stationed in South Africa and that really solidified my love of New World wines. I was able to talk with the winemakers there, and even though they had been making wine for hundreds of years they were still willing to try new things! You can look forward to an ever expanding list of exceptional wines and new dishes inspired by our travels!

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